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#TanTipTuesday – How to care for your mitt

Your number one self tan accessory is your mitt. It’s your best friend, soul mate, ride or die. And it’s very, very important to give it some TLC so you are always in tip top tan perfection! Scroll down for a little Q/A on how to prolong the life of your long-term relationship with your glove.

Should I wash my mitt after every tanning session?

Yes, you should always have a clean glove for each application. The extra residue from your previous tan can cause unwanted buildup and an unevenness.

What do I use to wash the mitt?

Hand wash your glove with lukewarm water and a gentle soap. Give it a little scrub to completely rinse the tanning solution out of the glove. 

How do I dry my mitt?

Never place in the dryer. That’s a big no-no! It can shrink and loose it’s shape. You should always let your glove lay flat to air dry naturally with the application side facing up. Do not use again until fully dry. 

When is it time to toss and purchase a new one?

If you are a loyal golden girl who tans at least once a week, we recommend replacing your mitt every 6 months. If you tan every other week or less, swap out for a newbie after a year.

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