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#TanTipTuesday: How to tan your back

The struggle is real when it comes to tanning your back.

We mastered self tanning our behind thanks to handy-dandy tricks we’ve learned along the way! Here, we share our top three ways to get your backside bronzed.

1. Have your boo, bestie, mom, sister – anyone can slide on a mitt and bronze you up in seconds!
2. Grab the mitt with two hands. Placing one hand on top and one on the bottom, reach behind your back and move from side and side.
3. Slip a wooden spoon into the mitt and secure with a hair tie to glide along in large circular movements.

Things to remember:
-Work your way up to prevent smudges and smears.
-Apply your formula with a mitt instead of your hands. It’s easier to cover all the hard-to-reach areas resulting in a flawless glow.
-Use a full length mirror to check out your behind to make sure you have fully blended the solution in.


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