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#TanTipTuesday: How to workout with a tan

We get it, you want to be tan and toned for all your body baring outfits this summer but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your perfect bronzed glow for a sweaty gym sesh! Here, we’ve listed the ways for you to emerge from the weight room looking like a glowing bronzed goddess without the heavy lifting. Go get ’em glow getter!

  • Step one, take a quick rinse off before starting any form of workout, especially if you self tanned a few hours before or got an airbrush application. Rinsing off leftover residue is a must to prevent lines and build up.
  • To avoid causing your tan to fade, patchiness or streaks, moisturize your skin prior to your workout to lock color into place. Opt for an oil-free lotion as oils tend to break down a tan faster.
  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing to prevent excess sweat in unwanted areas. The tightness and moisture from your workout can lead to weird streaks and strange patterns on your bod.
  • Take sweat-less classes like pilates, barre or yoga. Cardio or high intensity workouts really build up a sweat which is a double no-no for us tan babes!
  • Focus on body parts (like your legs & arms) that don’t sweat as much. Doing simple toning exercises will still make you feel like you worked out but without the sweat evidence. 
  • If you do start to sweat, dab lightly with a towel, never ever rub!
  • Indulge in baby powder. It works wonders for absorbing sweat. Tap a large bronzer brush into a dish of powder and gentle swipe on those sweat clogging areas – such as under boob, armpits, elbow creases, behind the knees and the feet. Do this before you workout.

Workout essentials:

A super stretchy bra made by Splits59 that easily slides on and off without rubbing against the skin

Reach for the stars (literally!) when flexing your leg muscles in these printed leggings from Strut This

Slip a millennial pink sweater from Outdoor Voices over your sports bra when heading to and from class

Get a grip on your training session with Sticky Be motivational socks to keep you going

Step into your summer bod with APL‘s comfortable and breathable kicks

Stash your goodies in this fashion-forward tote that doubles as a beach bag

Stay hydrated sippin’ on H20 from your BKR bottle while moving and grooving

Amp up the tunes with a pair of Happy Plugs during your commute from the bed to the studio

Favorite workouts:

Transform your mind and body during a Pure Barre 55 minute class.

Find you flow and practice your pose at one of Yogaworks studio

Challenge your body to a heart-pumping, muscle quivering, full body workout at SLT

Become one with nature by taking a hike with your girl gang or bae


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