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#TanTipTuesday: How to tan your face

Melly @_gypseaa

Every one wants and NEEDS a glowing complexion to feel and look their best when it comes to the most festive time of the year. Because you never know who you will bump into while christmas shopping or attending a holiday bash – maybe it’s an ex lover, frenemie or your crush? Here, we give the 411 on how to apply the best organic, vegan and cruelty-free self-tan application for your face. Glow on girl, show off your bronzed babe status! And don’t forget to tag us #NKDSKNBabe @nkdskn_tan

Step 1:

Time to double up! First, wash off your makeup, lotions and any excess oil or dirt that is left on the surface with our favorite foaming wash One Love Organics Easy Does It. For the second cleanse, get scrubbing! Remove dead skin cells and buildup with this gentle facial from Mario Badescu. Note, stay away from anything oil-based as this will prevent your tan from developing.

One Love Organics $25

Mario Badescu $26

Step 2:

Remove any facial hairs – from plucking your brows to waxing your upper lip or simply any unwanted peach fuzz on the face.

Step 3:

Use a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer around the nostrils and any other dry spots on your face. We like Pacifica since it’s vegan and cruelty-free just like us!

Pacifica $14

Step 4:

Pick your potion! Lotion or mousse? Medium or Dark? We have both! We find that mousse is easier for self tanning newbies since it has a guide color. Both will do the trick and give you the same flawless tan that you can build up daily to your desired shade. After selecting your tan in a bottle, squeeze a dime-size onto your tanning mitt and begin with your forehead gliding down to the apples of your cheeks, cross over the bridge of your nose until you make your way to your chin. Then blend outward and never, ever forget your neck! Especially if you are wearing a low cut, strapless or revealing top.


Step 5:

Be patient and wait 6 – 8 hours until your bronzy hue develops! Rinse after with lukewarm water until it runs clear, pat dry and hit up that holiday soiree!

Things to remember when self tanning:

Always wash hands right after application.

Avoid retinols and acne treatments.

Stay hydrated by moisturizing your skin, drinking water and cleansing AM + PM.

Always go easy over the eyelids.

Never apply directly to the brows.

Go easy on the nostrils and upper lip as they tend to be the dry areas and pick up the most color.