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Category Archives: Tanning Tips

#TanTipTuesday: How to tan your face

Melly @_gypseaa Every one wants and NEEDS a glowing complexion to feel and look their [...]

Bronzed and Boujee Collection

You don’t need to break the bank to look fab, take a cue from Amber [...]

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Polished to Perfection

@taticure Bring the salon home! We found the perfect polish combos to complement your sunkissed [...]

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Whether you getting a spray tan or applying self tanner, rules are rules and these [...]

#TanTipTuesday: How to tan your back

The struggle is real when it comes to tanning your back. We mastered self tanning [...]

Make Your Mother’s Day

@charicuthbert Shower the leading lady in your life with the perfect present (or two!) 1. [...]

#TanTipTuesday: How to pick the right sh[...]

We understand that sometimes it’s hard to choose which tint is best suited for you, [...]

#TanTipTuesday – How to care for y[...]

Your number one self tan accessory is your mitt. It’s your best friend, soul mate, [...]