Several individuals prepare for exotic holidays and also summertimes at the coastline with a few tanning sessions at their favorite tanning beauty salon. In order to make the many of those tanning sessions, you might want to use a tanning cream or tan accelerator. Self-sunless sun tanning gives you the tan you desire without the extreme direct exposure to the Suns UV rays.

There are 2 typical classifications of tanning creams. Both consist of creams for supple skin. Maintain in mind that these products will certainly not shield your skin in exterior sunlight and outside suntan creams will certainly not be reliable with indoor tanning beds. To secure the tanning beds in a hair salon, do not use any item including mineral oil. Mineral oil is discovered in lots of cosmetic moisturizing items, consisting of infant oil. Quality tanning lotions will not have mineral oil as an ingredient.


Get a deep and also glowing tan with this light and also ventilated NKD SKN Tinted Sunless Tan Mousse Dark. Infused with hydrating as well as recovery organic active ingredients consisting of Aloe Vera, Melon as well as Lychee this self-sun tanning mousse will certainly leave you with very soft, naturally glowing ski and Odorless Tanning with a dark tan.

Drying Time:

Once I was done applying it, NKD SKN Tinted Self Tan Mousse dried very promptly.

I ‘d say within 15 minutes I seemed to like it was entirely dry- which is great.

One more plus, it really did not feel sticky once it dried out.

Beware of what you come to call with as you’re applying it and as it dries. This set can actually tarnish!

How to Use:

  • Super easy to apply, this light and airy tan mousse glides on to skin and has with absolutely no smell. Thanks to the tinted mousse you can see exactly where you’re applying for a streak-free tan.
  • Exfoliate and remove hair 24 hours prior to application
  • Avoid oil-based moisturizers 12 hours prior to and then also the following application
  • Squeeze product on to a mitt and apply to skin in long circular motions, ensuring the tan is blended all over
  • Tan develops over 4-8 hours then rinse off the guide color
  • Fades gradually like a natural suntan

Smell (Before Application):

Like most NKD SKN products this one doesn’t smell too bad.

It definitely has a light, sweet almost caramel odor to it.

Smell (After Several Hours And The Next Day):

The after smell on this is virtually non-existent, particularly after you shower the following morning.

This is just one of the things we like most about NKD SKN Tinted Self Tan Mousse.


  • Easy to Apply, Odorless Tan
  • Lasts up to 7 days
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Free from Perfumes, Parabens, and Alcohol