Pre Tanning Products:

Pre Tanning Products


Applying self tan on your skin is not the most important step. First of all, you need to choose Pre Tanning Products to make your skin healthier. So that your skin could accept your desired tan, protect and enhance your color during the self tanning.

To maximize the effectiveness during tanning session, we have collected pre-tanning products below which will help to glow your desired tan.

  • Best Self Tanner
  • Exfoliating Scrub
  • Tanning Mitt or Gloves
  • Wand
  • Tissue
  • Band Or Hair Tie
  • Blow Dryer
  • Mirror
  • Soap
  • Time

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How to Prepare Your Skin for Spray Tan before applying Pre Tanning Products:

  • Shower and exfoliate on the day of your tan and avoid using products that contain essential oil.
  • Hair removal (waxing/shaving) should be done no closer than 24 hours prior to tanning session.
  • Do not wear makeup, deodorant or oily pre tanning skin products to the appointment and avoid moisturizing for 24 hours prior to your tan.
  • Wear or bring loose, dark clothing and flip-flops (avoid string vest tops an anything that clings to the skin).
  • Paper thongs will be provided but if you prefer to wear something else, bring dark colored swimwear or underwear.

Points To Consider Before Using the Pre Tanning Products: 

  • Spray tanning results will vary depending on the individual and very pale skins can be hard to tan. Someone with very pale skin will not be some color after the treatment as someone with sallow skin.
  • Certain products can affect the quality the tan including perfume, deodorant, moisturizer and oil-based cosmetics. So Be careful before applying pre tanning products.
  • The healthier your skin, the better your tanning results will be. There are a number of reasons your skin might not be in the optimal condition for tanning and why your tan may not be as effective as expected –


-Medication – herbal prescribed

-Hormonal Balance



-pH level of the skin

Spray Tan Aftercare:

  • Following the spray tan, wear loose, dark clothing and flip-flops to avoid transfer onto clothing. Avoid wearing a bra. Keep skin covered to prevent transfer onto fabrics when sitting.
  • Do not put hands in water or gel the skin wet – this will affect the development of the tan.
  • Do not touch the skin with your hands as the bronzer will transfer to palms.
  • Do not wax/shave for 24 hours following treatment as this removes layers of skin and will remove the tan too.
  • Avoid exercise or activity that might cause sweating during the first 4-8 hours after the tan is applied.
  • Avoid sweating in bed to prevent transfer onto bed sheets.
  • Tan develops within 4-8 hours but to allow maximum DHA development, wait a certain amount of time before showering:
  • A follow-up spray tan can be applied within 5-10 days after the appointment as required.
  • It is recommended that for every 5 weeks of spray tanning the skin should be left to rest for 10 days, allowing the tan to completely disappear. This will help prevent patchiness and areas of uneven wear.