Self Tanning Mitt 2018:

What is Self Tanning Mitt?

A soft, washable mitt for applying self-tanning items. Applicator mitt quickly smoothes self-tanning items into the skin. The Self-Tanning Applicator Mitt by vita Libereata showcases a soft, velvet-like fabric cover that cushions the skin and also an inner, waterproof obstacle to protect hands from becoming discolored.

What is a Self Tanning Mitt Made of?

Created by a drug store, these glamorous self tanners go beyond regular formulas to treat all skin kinds. Packed with organic botanicals and also a one-of-a-kind Moisture Lock ™ system that attracts water to the skin’s surface area, Vita Liberata’s quick-drying, odor-free creams and mousses give up to 72 hours of hydration. The outcome: soft and flexible skin, immediate bronzing, and natural-looking color that lasts for days.

Made from:

Polyester – 88%

Nylon – 5%

Polyurethane – 7%

The Benefits of Using a Tanning Mitt:

  • Smooth microfiber product permits tanning product to be used in an even way that enables a streak cost-free, stunning glowing tan. Inside the handwear cover is a protective waterproof barrier that ensures the product does not soak via as well as turn your hands orange.
  • Mitt is both double sided and also longer compared to lots of various other tanning handwear covers on the marketplace. This creates easier functionality as well as keeps hands and wrists cost-free of self tanning item.
  • Includes a tiny face finger mitt to apply sprays, computer mice, and lotions to your face in a smooth, non-spotting means.
  • Mitt could increase as a make-up remover – no chemicals, cleans, or cleaners required. Simply include water and also eject extra, mitt will astonishingly carry out your make up.
  • Easy tidy: Super sturdy as well as soft Black microfiber fabric uses a stain-free applicator experience. Merely wash with warm water till water runs clear, press out excess, and stand upright or hang to completely dry.

Self Tanning Mitt For Face and Body:

The ultimate tanning important for a streak-free coating as well as stain-free hands. Our very popular Mitt equally distributes all NKD SKN tanning solutions onto the skin, for perfect outcomes with every application.

How do you use a tanning mitt? 

Use Fake Tan – Put a latex glove on your hand and placed the mitt on over the top of this. Apply a small amount of self tanning item into the white sponge side of the mitt as well as apply gently over the skin using a smooth activity. To clean, soak in soapy water, rinse and let dry.

  • Maintains hands stainless
  • Creates water-resistant obstacle
  • Enables much easier, also application
  • Washable with mild soap and also water

How do you clean a fake tan mitt?

Hand cleans your tanning mitt with warm water to get rid of excess tanner as well as tidy the surface fibers. You could add a touch of soap to the water to eliminate stubborn discolorations if you like yet you don’t have to make use of any kind of harsh washing powder or cleaning agents. Gently wring out any kind of water and also re-shape the mitt while it’s moist.

Tanning Mitt Alternative: Hand washes your tanning mitt with cozy water to remove excess tanner and tidy the surface fibers. You could add a touch of soap to the water to get rid of stubborn spots if you like yet you don’t have to use any type of harsh cleaning powder or detergents. Carefully wring out any water and re-shape the mitt while it’s damp.

Tanning Mitt Alternative:

You just require making certain that you wash your hands extensively. Its prob takes me a good few minutes of cleaning to make certain my hands are tidy of fake tan. You simply need to make certain that you wash your hands completely. Its prob takes me a great few mins of cleaning to make sure my hands are clean of fake tan.

Best Self Tanning Mitt:

Modelco Blend Buffing Self Tanning Mitt: The custom-made ModelCo Blend Buffing Mitt is the best enhancement to the ModelCo Tanning Range. It will offer you a superior, perfect and also completely even self tan, whilst keep hands secured as well as tidy.

LOVING TAN DELUXE APPLICATOR Self Tanning MITT: Loving Tan Deluxe Applicator Mitt is a cost fake tan applicator that quickly safeguards your hands from discolorations. Made by tan enthusiasts for tan lovers, loving tan luxurious applicator mitt provides you an expert, salon-style finish within mins.

ELLA BACHÉ GREAT TANNING MITT: A great method to skillfully use on your own tan. This re-usable, double-sided foam mitt not only allows you to use a streak-free, perfect tan but additionally stops unattractive stained hands.

MINETAN BRONZE ON APPLICATION Tanning MITT: Quick and easy to make use of, mine tan Bronze On Applicator Mitt is ideal for assisting you to achieve a gorgeous streak-free tan.

NKD SKN Self Tanning Mitt: Directions With the Tanning Mitt, on one hand, cup hand and also pump your tan right into the mitt. Use the tan on the mitt onto your body in round activities, using it moderately on hands, knees, elbow joints and feet. We developed our professional self tanning applicator gloves set to provide you everything you require to obtain a natural looking tan every time.

This bundle includes:

Body Applicator Mitt: A comfy mitt that guarantees self tanner is used uniformly all over the body. No streaks, no missed out on places, and also absolutely no orange palms!

Face Applicator Mitt: A mild mitt that gives the delicate skin on your face a little-added love. Utilize this glove for added control when applying percentages of self tanner to your face, consisting of sensitive areas.

Exfoliating Mitt: The only way to genuinely tan like a pro is to exfoliate ahead of time. Our exfoliating mitt enhances complexion and texture, promotes circulation, as well as ensures your skin is 100% prepared for a wonderful tan.

Kick the tanning cubicle behavior and make the switch to a stunning, natural, and risk-free self tan. With our self tanning mitts, you’ll never have to stress over touches or dark spots once again!

Vita Liberata Self tanning mitt: This extra soft flock mitt is perfect for using on the body as well as the fragile skin of the face as well as neck. Use it to use any Vita Liberata self tan product to make sure a flawless, streak-free, and flawlessly natural-looking tan. Reusable and cleanable, merely rinse it after tanning as well as entrust to air dry. The waterproof inner material aids to avoid discoloration of the palms.

Self Tanning Mitt Walmart:

This additional soft group mitt is perfect for utilizing the body as well as the delicate skin of the face and neck. Utilize it to apply any type of Vita Liberata self tan item to make sure a flawless, streak-free, and flawlessly natural-looking tan. Washable and recyclable, just rinse it after tanning as well as entrust to air dry. The waterproof internal material assists to prevent staining of the hands. Buy Vita Liberata Tanning Mitt Applicateur computers at

  • A tanning mitt with additional soft flock surface area for perfect tan application.
  • This additional soft flock mitt is ideal for use on the body as well as the fragile skin of the face as well as neck.
  • With the mitt on your hand, pump any Vita Liberata tanning item onto the mitt and also rub straight onto skin utilizing circular motions.

Tanning Mitt Amazon:

If you are looking to accomplish a touch complimentary expert surface NKD SKN Self Tanning Mitt is excellent for you!! With a particularly created cream proof barrier, NKD SKN Tan Mitt assists you to put the days of tarnished hands and touches behind you, hooray! Shop Tanning Mitt at Amazon UK’s Beauty Shop. Reduced rates & cost-free delivery on qualified orders.

Self Tanning Mitt Target:

Store Target for sun tanning treatments sunlight & you will certainly enjoy at a great affordable price. Maintain your hands clean as well as your skin beautiful and also glowing with the NKD SKN Tanning Mitt. This handy foam device helps you keep the best self-administered tan, gently mixing lotion or remedy in wide, streak-diminishing strokes.

Answer and Question:

Question: Why is the Self Sun tanning Mitt much better compared to using my hands?

Answer: It’s much easier! Your skin will certainly take in the tan- no one such as over tanned hands and also shapes on the hand can create an uneven look.

Question: Just how do I maintain my Self Tanning Mitt in a leading problem?

Answer: Wash your Mitt with warm water and permit to completely dry thoroughly after every usage.

Question: What NKD SKN items do I use my Self Tanning Mitt with?

Answer: It functions the very best with Foams, Lotions and Mists.


Question: How Long Should You Leave Self Tanners On Before Showering?

Answer: Second, your self tan will last a lot longer if you allow the product create properly. We’ve seen top quality self tanners last nearly 7-8 days (albeit with fading), when they were offered enough time to establish.